Storm Pegasus 105RF(also known as Storm Pegasis in the Japanese version) is an attack-type beyblade owned by Ginga Hagane in Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

 Storm Pegasus 105RF
[[ StormPegasis.jpg]|100x100px]]


 Ginga Hagane

Face Bolt:

 Pegasus 1

Energy Ring:

 Pegasus 1

Fusion Wheel:


Spin Track:


Performance Tip:

 Rubber Flat



Face Bolt: Pegasus 1Edit

The facebolt's sticker depicts a Pegasus one of the constellations in space. The facebolt's colour is blue.

Energy Ring: Pegasus 1Edit

The original release is transparent blue. It has two winglike patterns around it, ending in a pointed head shape.

Fusion Wheel: StormEdit

Storm has 3 wing shaped pieces around it. It is considerably good for smash attack.

Spin Track: 105Edit

•10.5 mm. Although smaller tracks are better for attack types. 105 is still considerably good for attack types in some cases.

Performance Tip: Rubber FlatEdit

As it's name says, it is a flat rubber tip. Though low in stamina, it is still amazing in attack power. It is one of the best attack tips you can get.